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Louis XV-style

Vintage Antique Louis XV-style Giltwood Mirror

Vintage Antique Louis XV-style Giltwood Mirror

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Overview: This Louis XV-style giltwood mirror is an exquisite statement piece perfect for an entryway. Its grand size and opulent design make it a focal point in any space, reflecting the elegance and sophistication characteristic of the Louis XV era. Design Features: Frame Material: The mirror is encased in a beautifully crafted giltwood frame, showcasing the luxurious golden finish typical of the period. Style: Louis XV, renowned for its ornate and decorative elements. Details: The frame features intricate carvings, with elaborate scrollwork, floral motifs, and possibly a shell crest at the top, reflecting the Rococo influence prevalent during the reign of Louis XV. Finish: The giltwood finish adds a rich, warm glow, enhancing the mirror's antique charm and ensuring it catches the light beautifully.
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