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Carved Camel Caravan Olive Wood Bethlehem Holy Land /ah

Carved Camel Caravan Olive Wood Bethlehem Holy Land /ah

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This hand carved camel train made from olive wood is a handcrafted piece of art that depicts a traditional scene of three camels and a donkey. It is made from olive wood, which is known for its beautiful grain patterns and durability. The carving showcases the intricate details of the animals, capturing their distinctive features and expressions. This piece serves as a decorative item and can be displayed in homes or used as a unique gift. It represents the cultural heritage and symbolism associated with camel caravans and the role they played in ancient trade routes.A piece of wood from under one of the camels eyes was glued back on. 

Measures H 3 1/2” x W 14” x D 1 1/4” 

Please review all photos carefully. 

Estate item. Condition is preowned. 

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