Unpacking & Organizing

In a matter of hours, we can have your kitchen, bedroom, or any other area you choose unpacked, organized and ready for your arrival, replicating aspect of your old environment to help ease the stress of moving.

  • Kitchen – Organize kitchen cabinets and closets. Complete delicate china displays.
  • Bedrooms – Put away clothing in closets and drawers and make beds.
  • Bathrooms – Organize linen closets and bathroom cabinets. Shower curtains will be hung if required.
  • Storage Space – Maximize any storage space with all that needs to be unpacked
  • Electronics – Reconnect computers, televisions, phones, clocks, stereo, and small appliances.
  • Personalization – Detailed placement of items such as hang pictures and draperies, organize drawers and bookshelves, and make decorating and display suggestions.
  • Disposal – Remove and dispose of all boxes and packing material.