At Pathway, we specialize in making moving a seamless and worry-free process for you and your family. We understand that relocating can be an emotional transition, and we're here to offer a helping hand every step of the way.

Our dedicated team is trained to provide expert assistance that goes beyond just moving your belongings. We offer both emotional support and physical labor, recognizing that the challenges of moving extend beyond logistics. From the initial stages of downsizing and organization to the final steps of moving and unpacking, we take care of all the details with the utmost care and compassion.

At Pathway, we've made it our mission to ensure your move is a stress-free and smooth experience. Your well-being is our top priority, and we're here to lighten the load and make your transition as comfortable as possible.

Pre-Move Prep


Our process creates a stress-free transition into your new home.

Free In-Home Consultation – Ensuring the smoothest and most cost-effective relocation.

Personal Senior Move Manager – We act as a liaison between you, your family and your new home.

Moving Plan – We create and execute a seamless plan of action including a timeline and checklist.

Floor/Space Planning – We document your home, visit your new
residence, take measurements, and create a floor plan to help decide
what moves.

Downsizing & Sorting

Our experts know that the downsizing process presents a significant change that’s both physically exhausting and emotionally draining. Let us work with you, keeping your memories and important belongings safe.

Organize and Sort Your Belongings Help you decide what you will need, and what to give to family and friends.

Dispersal - Determine if the contents have a specific value and process them through estate sales, consignment, donation, online advertising, private collector or re-seller. Arrangements for storage can be set up if required.


We have procedures in place that minimize the timing of packing. A move can be completed in as little as two days because Pathway provides all packing supplies and carefully arrange, pack, and inventory all

Fragile – Determine the safest transportation of sentimental, fragile and oversized items.

Electronics – Disconnect home electronics and assure all components are packaged and identified.

Chemicals – Identify, collect and arrange for disposal of household toxic chemicals.

Pets – Arrange for temporary placement of pets during the transition, if necessary


We attend to all details on moving day: the physical mover, pack any. last-minute items and handle all unexpected elements that may arise.
Pathway determines the crew and van size to make moving an easy, stress-free experience.

Loading and Unloading – Coordinate and direct the movers.

Perishables – Empty refrigerator and freezer and safely transport perishables.

Furnishings – Direct proper placement of furnishings based on the floor plan.

Transport – Transport all belongings and furnishings to a new residence.

Unpacking & Organizing

In a matter of hours, we can have your kitchen, bedroom, or any other area you choose unpacked, organized and ready for your arrival, replicating aspect of your old environment to help ease the stress of moving.

Kitchen – Organize kitchen cabinets and closets. Complete delicate china displays.

Bedrooms – Put away clothing in closets and drawers and make beds.

Bathrooms – Organize linen closets and bathroom cabinets. Shower curtains will be hung if required.

Storage Space – Maximize any storage space with all that needs to be unpacked

Electronics – Reconnect computers, televisions, phones, clocks, stereo, and small appliances.

Personalization – Detailed placement of items such as hang pictures and draperies, organize drawers and bookshelves, and make decorating and display suggestions.

Disposal – Remove and dispose of all boxes and packing material.

Resale Preparation & Staging

If you plan to sell or rent your home or condominium, we have the right tools to prepare your home with partial or full interior home staging and will provide you with the steps necessary to make your home memorable so that you can sell it faster and perhaps get a better price.

Consignment & Market


We have a consignment store called Pathway Market that offers consignment of furniture and home furnishings from our Pathway Senior
Mover clients. At Pathway Market, we provide our shoppers with a wide
variety of ever-changing inventory. We also have helpful sales associates who are happy to assist you in finding the right item at the right price to fit your shopping needs. We feature merchandise that is the perfect blend of good taste, quality, and functionality. Our impressive consignment showroom meets our clients shopping needs with unique pieces and very fair prices. Come check out firsthand why Pathway Market is the best option for your home needs.

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Home Cleanout

A home cleanout may be the final activity before a home can be sold
or rented. Trust Pathway to find the next best home for your things.

Selling – We will manage the sale of your valuables through various means

Donations – We will pack your donations and arrange for drop off or pick up from verified, worthy non-profit charitable agencies.

Shipping – We will find the most economical way to pack and send items you would like to give to family and friends.

Recycling and Hauling – The items that cannot be donated will be recycled in the eco-friendliest manner possible.